What to look for when Choosing a Contractor

When choosing a contractor, we want to make sure you make an educated decision. Here are 5 things you should look out for and the questions you should ask from all contractors your interview. At Wright Services, we welcome the hard questions and will happily supply you with all documents and credentials.


The following types are necessary:

    • Workman’s Compensation – This protects you from workers injuries.
    • Contractors Liability – This protects you from damage or injury by workers.
    • License Bonding is required by most villages – This protects the village from damage to property.

Helpful Insurance Tips:

    • Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance or have one issued to you.
    • Your insurance may need to be amended for big projects.



Look for the following elements:

  • Detailed written contracts including: materials, manufacturers, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Other provisions could include: start and finish dates, allowances, workmanship warranty.
  • Must include payment plan and total price.
  • Changes to contracts should be done by change order, in writing and with price changes.

Helpful Contract Tips:

  • Ask questions. Don’t sign if you don’t understand completely.
  • Know your “Right of Rescission”.
  • Secure manufacturers’ warranties.



  • Contractor should be licensed in your town and the town they are from. Bear in mind that towns usually only require insurance and bonding as credentials for licenses. State licenses are only required for certain trades. Licensed contractors should provide the permits.
  • Better Business Bureau and trade associations don’t always have the best information.

Helpful Contractor Credential Tips:

  • The best way to check credentials is through references.
  • Ask to see a customer list.



Payment schedules will vary by the size and type of job. But the following are some points to remember:

  • Be leery of big down payments. Generally 10% is adequate. Although custom size and special order items may require larger deposits.
  • On larger jobs, payments should be made on stages of completion of the work.
  • Pay by check or get a written receipt. Make sure checks payable to company on contract only.

Helpful Tips for Contractor Payment Terms:

  • Don’t make final payment until job is completed, even such things as final cleanup.
  • Secure waiver of lien on final payment.



You can’t choose on price alone. Also consider:

  • Closeness of supervision – Will you be able to deal with the same person during the job and be able to reach them? These things will affect: quality of work and timely completion, and disruption of your household and cleanliness.
  • Quality materials and workmanship.
  • Are they skilled REMODELERS? Do they use all subcontractors? Do they have their company name on their trucks?
  • Can you contact the business owner directly?

Final Tip: Be leery of gimmicks and high pressure salespeople.